Paulette Carson for US Representative TX 17

#Executive Leadership Matters

Paulette Interviews with
KLTV's Jeremy Butler

In this interview, Paulette & Jeremy cover various aspects such as her background, her platform and why she is running for Congress

If you don't know Paulette Carson, you have missed knowing an honest to goodness, walking, talking, serving, testifying, Christian Patriot. Now, she is prepared and willing to take her calling to the halls of Congress, where we need her desperately. This lady has the character and integrity to make a difference where ever she goes, so let's do our part and send her to Washington. Get to know her, pray for her and invest your time and resources in her race. I have known her for many years and promise you that is a genuine Godsend. For a time such as this.

We will take this journey together! Check back often for updates & opportunities to help out with our groundbreaking campaign!

My name is Paulette Carson, and I am asking for your support as we work together to ignite the conservative movement & redefine "PC" to mean Passionate & Committed.

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