My policy positions are grounded in my Christian conservative values

~Paulette Carson

Pro Life

The sanctity of life must be guarded & preserved. Pro Life values extend from conception to natural death .


Our system of federal government was founded on the principles of delegated authority. Not ONE voter in CD 17 has told me they would like to delegate the authority for medical decisions and/or invasive procedures to the government, and I wholeheartedly agree! NO MANDATES!


A challenging and difficult virus which has brought heartache and suffering to many families here and around the world. With the politicization of the virus and its variants, our nation was brought unnecessarily to economic, social, religious and personal crisis.

Border Security

We must secure our border & maintain National Sovereignty. Americans deserve to be safe in our homeland.

Religious Freedom

Government should not have the power to define or suppress Religious Freedom, as our Constitution guarantees. Must maintain our God given right to embrace and exercise Religious Freedom.

Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is a modern version of Marxist Critical Theory, whose sole purpose is to brainwash our youth with Marxist ideology. We must put a stop to this type of indoctrination.

Economic Recovery

It is imperative that we reinstitute the TRUE America First policy. America’s Economic Recovery will foster an environment for Americans to work, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and invigorate their ability to support their families.

Energy & Environment

Energy independence must once again be attained with the rich and abundant resources available here in America.

Retirement Security

Retirement Security is not a benefit supplied by Government, but the rightful assets set aside for hardworking Americans to enjoy in later years. Retirement/Social Security must be protected for those who contributed their earned resources.


Fair trade is good trade. If it is not good for America, then it is not a win/win proposition.

Spending Reform

It is imperative that the US Government reign in frivolous spending, earmarks, and unnecessary agencies that add to the ever-growing monstrosity in Washington DC.

High Speed Rail

Oppose the High Speed Rail which will negatively impact property owners in its path from Houston to Dallas. Eminent Domain should not be used to take possession of Texan's properties to initiate the HS Rail.

Our Taxes

Lower taxes are critical to American prosperity. High taxes cripple economies and families.